Gamescom Screenshots: Dungeons

Today, we venture back into the dungeons of Tyria… although one may not turn out to actually be underground.

The first one is, however… or at least in a VERY large building. The statue of Grenth at the back serves an unsubtle hint as to the original purpose of this structure, while the gargoyles on the plinths along the walls are reminiscent of the Ascalonian catacombs, as is the general architecture. However, it does not appear to be any part of the catacombs we knew in Guild Wars 1, and lacks any sign of damage during, before, or after the Searing.

More ominous is the shadowy demonic figure – possibly a tapestry – looming over Grenth’s statue.

For the second image, it seems that we’re definitely in the ghost-haunted depths of Ascalon, although the pyrotechnics around the target of the attacks of those featured in this image make a positive identification unclear. The female combatant to the right of the image adds to her victim’s pain with axe and blade, possibly to avenge the snow leopard that lies insensate at her feet.

Our third image appears to be an outdoor environment – although it’s possible that the roof is Just That Far Up (although the tall grass would be hard to explain in that context). Perhaps this building is an entrance to a dungeon environment, as the image is dominated by an eerie glow in the centre of the building.

For the fourth, we see what appear to be Dredge caught within a storm of magical energy. This one I find particularly interesting – not because of the environment, but because this storm (with the white circle of a damaging skill that doesn’t harm the observer) does not match any of the skills currently known to be in the game. Lightning Field was not observed in the Gamescom demo, and had a different appearance as well – more lightning, none of the ethereal streaks shown in this image, and generally more blue-violet in colour than the cyans and yellows that dominate this image. The mixtures of colours and energies – the lightning and the streaks – might possibly suggest a new incarnation of Chaos Storm, although Vassar’s version of this effect was dominated more by a purple mist and purple-white lightning. Of course, that might be the result of Vassar’s technique being two centuries out of date…

We have a couple of mysteries in this instalment – the eerie light in the third image and the storm in the fourth. Have any theories you’d like to share? Comment below!

I’ve had something come up that I can’t afford to neglect, so I might have to postpone the next update. When it comes, though, it’ll be a big one, as we venture into the streets of Lion’s Arch!

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