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Gamescom Screenshots – Miscellaneous

Today, we go on a journey through parts unknown, as we look into the miscellaneous landscapes in the gallery!

The first image shows a green wetland, possibly in the swamps of the region surrounding the fallen Temple of the Ages. Reflections of the trees in the water below demonstrates the quality of the lighting effects of the team, while spots of blue colour near the centre of the image may reveal the presence of patches of foxfire.

For the second image, we see a crude timber fort, the gate flanked with two towers. A grinning face crafted through the arrangement of the timber looms over the entrance, while a crude scrawl on a board among the rocks outside – possibly of a snake – is likely intended to inform visitors of just who they are visiting.

The third image is a night-time view of what appears to be the same fortress from a greater distance, the left post of the stone arch in the right of the picture being in about the right place to be the stone column in the previous image. This changed angle reveals that the fort has a total of four towers, one at each corner, although the spikes that consist of half their height appear to lack a means of perching atop them and are thus likely decorative – unless the inhabitants are very good at climbing. The greater distance also reveals what appears to be an Ascalonian ruin in the background, and with the charr having moved beyond such architecture, that suggests this fortress is most likely of ogre or grawl construction. A closer look at the face over the entrance might reveal which, as it more closely resembles a grawl priest with headress than an ogre.

Note: The original version of this image was a whopping 7530×4241 and proved too much for our backend to handle. A half-sized version is available by clicking on the image, then on the following thumbnail, and finally on the “Expand” button in the top corner (full sized versions of all the other posted screenshots are available through similar means). We’ll try to make the full-sezed original available as soon as reasonably practical.

Why, yes, I have read the Rules for Evil Overlords.

Finally, we see another ruin wreathed in an eerie mist and lit by torchlight. It stands next to a stone-lined trench, obviously of artifical construction – possibly the remains of some defensive earthworks or a canal that has run dry.

Have any ideas of the location or inhabitants of the timber fort? Have you seen the swamp in the first image, possibly close enough to investigate those spots of blue? Anything else you’d like to say? Comment below!

Next up is a set of eerily familiar images labelled “Wetland Glade”…

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