Gamescom Screenshots: PvP

One of the main draws to Gamescom and PAX, of course, was that these conventions offered the first chance most of us had to see – and for those lucky enough to go, experience – Guild Wars 2’s PvP system. Naturally, this came with a series of screenshots of its own:

The arena of Khylo, the clock tower that houses the central control point prominent near the centre of the image, a trebuchet before it ready to break in the walls.

An explosion reveals the landing of a trebuchet shot – or perhaps an elementalist spell – threatening the survival of a griffon statue to its right. A streak of flame suggests a second shot may be inbound, while a bolt of flame from the sky into the ruins in the background adds to the ambience.

A closeup of one of the trebuchets in action, giving a detailed still of one of the projectiles in flight.

An elementalist – apparently from the blue team – lays down a wall of fire outside the windmill. Since the windmill is the closest command point for the red team, this may be a bad sign for the red team.

A battle in progress, with a red charr guardian hurling an Orb of Wrath while a blue elementalist adds a lightning spell to a conflagration already engulfing a helpless victim. Streaks of energy, similar to those in the dredge image a few sections ago, provide some evidence that those may simply be sparks associated with air elemental magic after all.

A perrenial favourite, a red engineer lowers his flamethrower after bathing an opposing swordswoman in flame. Likely a staged shot, as an engineer with a melee opponent in such close quarters would probably be disinclined to cut the stream of flame.

Got any thoughts about PvP you’d like to share? Have anything to report about those streaks? You know the drill!

Next up we have some unhappy-snaps of our newest undead draconic friend!

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