Gamescom Screenshots: Tequatl the Sunless

He’s big, he’s ugly, and he deserves a good kicking where the sun don’t shine. And if his name is any indication, that’s all of him. He’s Tequatl the Sunless, draconic overseer on behalf of Zhaitan and Big Bad of the Sparkfly Fen region.

In the first image, Tequatl gives us a demonstration of his bad breath. Really bad breath. So bad, in fact, that his halitosis will send any would-be hero that catches a whiff scurrying away for clearer air.

In the second, The Sunless attempt to make up for that lack by launching himself into the clouds. Fortunately, his wings aren’t up to the task of keeping him in the air for long periods, otherwise he’d just be able to soar across the entire zone destroying at will and inflicting his bad breath on everybody. And nobody wants that.

In the third, we see Tequatl announcing his arrival by smashing an old fortification on the headland. It’s a good thing that none of the turrets and other siege engines set up on the beach were placed here. For that matter, it’s also a good thing that Tequatl is more inclined towards raising bone walls to protect him against those engines rather than rampaging through them himself and trashing them one by one. It seems, though, that he’d rather dispatch his minions to do that since he can’t be bothered to walk that far himself. Well, what do you expect from someone so lazy they can’t be bothered to brush their teeth?

Once again, the undead dragon shows off his shocking lack of dental hygiene. A Blood Fiend in the top left hand corner seems completely unimpressed. Perhaps the white circles around it is a necromancer Well Of Air Freshener, or maybe it’s just that Blood Fiends don’t have noses?

A dark, floating skull to the lower right of the image demonstrates that some unfortunate adventurer wasn’t so lucky. He or she had better watch out, as a large, obese undead looks ready to explode and shower its disgusting innard’s across the adventurer’s path. Probably after eating one too many wafer-thin afterdinner mints.

A coalition of asura and sylvari work together to demonstrate to Tequatl that he and his stinking exhalations just aren’t welcome here – and judging by the way his head is raised, it’s possible that the message has got through and now he’s all embarassed. Interestingly enough, the asura here seem to be going against type, being primarily members of heavily armoured professions – one appearing to be a guardian, the other a warrior with a bow. The sylvari are harder to identify, although the one closest to the camera is clearly a spellcaster employing magic with a blue effect – either a guardian or an elementalist in water attunement – although it’s not clear that all of the swirls that appear at first glance to be around her actually are, and not from some other source hidden on her other side. Meanwhile, the red drake on the far right indicates the presence of a ranger nearby, even though to all appearance it seems to be following one of the walking bomb undead at his heel. Maybe the drake is there to scare off overly enthusiastic waiters pressing wafer-thin after dinner mints on their clientele.

EDIT: Having spied it in a video, it looks like the swirl near the sylvari mentioned above might be Frost Armor, a water attunement skill on the offhand dagger.

Got any recommendations for a mouthwash to stop Tequatl’s mouth smelling like some place the sun doesn’t shine? Any strategies for keeping insistent waiters with wafer-thin mints at bay? Comment below!

In our final installment, we’ll take a look at some of the images from the newest frontier available to Tyrian adventurers – the watery depths of the ocean!

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