Gamescom Screenshots: Underwater

In this final set of screenshots in the Gamescom package, we’re delving into the depths of Tyria’s oceans. There aren’t any badgers, and I don’t think there are any mushrooms, but there sure are plenty of snakes.

First, a krait brandishes a pair of javelins at the camera. A second krait in the background swims past a vent of blue flame – or possibly a plume of blue fluid – from a projection from the sea floor. Further behind, an ominous silhouette may be a ruin, or may be a place of residence for the krait.

The second krait presents itself as an imposing figure, wearing a sinister mask in a dark section of the depths – possibly one of the krait religious caste. A glowing starfish on one of the columns – apparently holding up an undersea cave, or possibly one of the infamous floating slave platforms of the krait – while an iron cage hanging from above may serve as a place of confinement for water-breathing slaves.

Another krait, paler of belly than the last, also in a darker section of the water but apparently lit from a source of light close to the camera. Glowing sea flora in the background may provide a hint as to the origin of the light. This krait is carrying what appears to be a focus in one hand, possibly indicating that this krait is a magic-user.

The fourth shot appears to be the same krait as the last, with a different (and less illuminated) background. A swirl of tentacle-like, softly glowing flora on the left of the image appears to be the same as a similar swirl viewed to the right of the previous image, indicating that these may be to screenshots taken in different directions from much the same location.

A pair of krait menace the camera in the (nearly) lightless depths, one wielding what appears to be a spear, while the armament of the second is more difficult to identify.

If you were reading Regina’s twitter and saw her comments about undead sharks, this is probably one of them – certainly, I don’t imagine any living sharks that could have that many holes in their skin and still live. Structures of clear artificial origin behind suggest that this may be the site of a sunken civilisation or simply a shipwreck or few.

A final shot of the undead shark, having apparently chased the user of the camera further away from the structures seen in the last shot, which can be seen in the background of this one, as well as a strand of pink seaweed.

Got any war stories about any of the foes depicted above, either your own or through a video? Share below!

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