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Getting started with the Queen’s Jubilee

On the official Guild Wars 2 site, ArenaNet has posted a helpful non-spoilery guide to help you navigate the new content in The Queen’s Jubilee:

Welcome to the first release of August, the Queen’s Jubilee!

Upon logging in to Guild Wars 2, you will receive a mail from Queen Jennah of Kryta inviting you to a celebration being held in Divinity’s Reach.

If you want to travel to the human capital city in style, festive hot air balloons have been commissioned to ferry important dignitaries and noble adventurers from every corner of Tyria. Unfortunately, there are forces at work that will stop at nothing to sabotage the celebration. Speak with the Balloonist at each tower to find out how you can help them keep things on schedule!

Once you arrive at Divinity’s Reach, speak with a local Herald to find out where the party is, and enter the brand new Crown Pavilion to observe the opening ceremony.

The vista outside the Pavilion has been modified to give a bird’s eye view of the new structure. Be sure to check it out!

Read the whole post for all the details.

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