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PAX East Countdown: A Glimpse of the Thief

A surprise blog just went up giving a look at the Thief across three different races: a human thief, an asura thief and a charr thief. Check out the awesome renders below, I know my favorite, what’s yours? Also, be sure to keep an eye on our site or twitter for all things PAX

Size isn’t everything. Any race in Guild Wars 2 can be a thief, of course, including the crafty, calculating asura. Many a foe has underestimated how dangerous an asura thief can be – a fatal mistake.

Charr thieves mix stealth with offensive power; here’s a formidable looking female charr thief ready for action.

Stealth and surprise are the thief’s specialty, but they can pull of some truly impressive moves like the Leaping Death Blossom. The sight of an inverted thief whirling through the air, blades flashing, is spectacular – and may be the last thing your opponents see.

Until tomorrow – stay stealthy!


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