Glimpses of Tyria: Vigilant Hills

My name is Lavani Yeodo. I am a young sylvari trying to find my place and role in this world. I am going to show you all the wondrous and strange things that I will certainly come across on my travels through Tyria.

Postcard_Vigilant Hills_Gendarran Fields_

Text_Glimpses_Vigilant Hills_Gendarran

Dear readers,

I have spent the last few days in the Vigilant Hills. The picture on the postcard is misleading as this place isn’t even half as peaceful as it may seem. Centaurs and humans are still fighting against each other. To be honest, I think we should all concentrate on more dangerous things like the Elder Dragons. But I don’t want to get into politics here. Enjoy the scenery and come visit the Vigil if you’re ever in the area. They’re a really nice bunch, actually.


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