Glimpses of Tyria: Wildspine Hills

My name is Lavani Yeodo. I am a young sylvari trying to find my place and role in this world. I am going to show you all the wondrous and strange things that I will certainly come across on my travels through Tyria.

Postcard_Wildspine Hills_Harathi Hinterlands


Dear readers,

I give up. I have tried for two weeks now, but there’s just no talking to these centaurs. I am not even a human, but they still attack me as soon as I get close to them. All I wanted to do was to try and talk to them. I had to pull an arrow out of Noah’s plumage! I think I should get his wound checked. The centaurs are unbelievably hostile and stubborn! So, I’ll move on and go somewhere else. Maybe I’ll make a stop in Divinity’s Reach. The city is so peaceful and they have great cake there.


Find the original screenshot on Lavani’s Pinterest board.

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