Glimpses of Tyria

My name is Lavani Yeodo. I am a young sylvari trying to find my place and role in this world. I am going to show you all the wondrous and strange things that I will certainly come across on my travels through Tyria.

Glimpses of Tyria - Letter

Dear readers,

For the last few weeks, this space of our Tyrian magazine was used to show you postcards which were allegedly written by Griphos.
Today, I am going to reveal that Griphos is not real. Well, he kind of is. I met Griphos some time ago and he’s a great charr. Proud and fighting for the whole of Tyria, not just for his warband. Although, come to think of it, maybe it primarily is for his warband.
But as I wanted to say, Griphos is not real. My name is Lavani Yeodo. I left the dream only a few months ago and charr were the first foreign race I encountered. I wanted to know a little bit better what it must be like to be a charr. When I got this offer to write about my experiences in the world, I decided to use Griphos as my persona. But it didn’t feel right. I am the one who explored Astorea. I am the one experimenting with the sylvari weapons. And from now on, you, dear readers, will read everything directly from me.

Lavani Yeodo

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