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Wow, seriously, the Guild Wars 2 Demo was awesome! In this blog post I’ll give a quick reaction to what we experienced in the demo and also include some now artwork(so I think) that has not been shown before.

In advance: it’s 1 am here at this moment, so I’m going to keep this one relatively short.

I started out as a human warrior and after setting up the basics, I could start out in Shaemoor. The village was being attacked by centaurs that were all over the place, someone had to help! Thus I went on and saved three villagers, fought against some centaurs and went into the Inn. Here I got word of some other centaur problems that needed to be taken care of. As a hero, I of course could not say no, and went to help Thackeray whom had requested the help.
This was my introduction into the personal story and I got to say, I was pleasently surprised by how flued it all went so far. The cinematics went great with the game-style (though syncing of the lips was a bit off) and it gave you an introduction into the game without really feeling like it was a tutorial.

My charr-adventure went in 3D, 10 minuts before Gamescom would be closing down. I got to say, 3D and Guild Wars 2 seem to match up greatly so far, the depth is a great addition to the game as you could really tell the different between the Hud, the near-surrounding and the Shatterer in the back.

More and other impressions can be found in the third issue of our magazine which will be out somewhere at the beginning of september! However, we will not let you wait that long till you get more info on GamesCom, so keep checking back, you’ll never know what’s being posted next!

To close off I’ll include some new artwork(perhaps some are old though) I obtained at GamesCom and hope you enjoyed the read! (Tomorrow I’ll upload bigger sizes!)

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