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A decade in review

ArenaNet is a cool company, they make great games and the developers that I’ve met were all having fun at what they did. Back at GamesCom, you could just see how passionate they were about making Guild Wars 2. I also did not realise that this year marks the first decade for ArenaNet as a company, until I saw their latest blogpost.

Today, they released a video and review the past ten years, from the start in an appartment with 7 people, to the 200+ people company they are now. If you’ve seen ‘the making of nightfall’ video, you surely want to check this one out. It has the same atmosphere and being able to look a bit at a company behind the game can actually give you a better idea to what brings these people to make great games like Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Enjoy watching and be sure to tell us what you found of the video!

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