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Contest and a winner

Want to win a ‘Guild Wars 2 hardcover Artbook’ or a ‘The Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card’? Be sure to participate in the latest Facebook contest, it’s just a matter of replying on two facebook pages whenever a new message is posted, starting early next week:


We are happy to announce that we’ve recently partnered with BigFoot Networks to give you a chance to win some exciting prizes! Next week, we’ll be giving away 5 Guild Wars 2 hardcover artbooks and 5 The Killer(tm) 2100 Gaming Network Cards. Make sure to reply to the messages posted on both pages (Guild Wars 2 and Killer NIC ) every day to increase your chances to win a pair of prizes.

In other Guild Wars 2 related news: Daniel Dociu won the Spectrum 17 Gold Award! We would like to congrats him and all the other ArenaNet employees with their achievement!

Spectrum 17 is on bookshelves now!  This year’s edition features vivid imagery from ArenaNet artists Kekai Kotaki, Horia Dociu, and an award-winning piece by our Creative Director Daniel Dociu!

Spectrum is an annual full-color collection that showcases the best fantastic art of the year.  This highly anticipated book includes stunning art from books, comic, games, film, and advertising, as selected by Spectrum’s distinguished advisory board.  This year Daniel Dociu took home Spectrum’s Gold Award for the brilliant piece of concept art from Guild Wars 2 you see in this post.  Congratulations to Daniel and all of the ArenaNet artist featured in this year’s collection!

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