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Keiran’s story, wedding and tophat!

Poor guy Keiran, he’s a good one, trust me, he wants the best for everyone, especially for gwen. When he got first introduced he was not that popular, dreams from fans about wedding with Gwen herself were suddenly smacked down the lane, people began to hire assassins to get rid of him, ok, ok, that last one’s not that true but the fact stays, Keiran was not that popular.

Come Guild Wars: Beyond, the story continued, Thackeray tried to go and celebrate Gwen’s birthday. Unfortunately, Gwen refused which caused the couple to split up after which Thackeray, together with Captain Langmar and his unit, went to Kryta to help out the Shining Blade with their ongoing War in Kryta against the White Mantle. More of that can be read in our War in Kryta special. When the war came to an end,  Thackeray bought the Ascalon settlers some time to escape to Lion’s Arch by diverting some of the Mantle forces, along with Captain Langmar and Captain Greywind. He did not return after the battle, and since was considered to have either died or to be captured or anything similar. Follow along after the break to find out about Keiran’s new story, the wedding and the awesome new costumes, tophats, seriously, tophats!

Here’s where the new content kicks in, Keiran’s alive, healthy and a bit… beardy. It’s up to you to find clues on his whereabouts after which the scrying pool will let you play through a flashback as Keiran himself. This gives you the opportunity to get into his boots and is a great way to repair the reputation Keiran achieved earlier.

The story begins as you meet Miku, a mysterious assassin girl which you see argue with some white mantle. Things get bad and then the action begins, but for more, you should try the content yourself, it’s great fun and it surely gives you a new view on the character that’s Keiran Thackeray, predecessor of Logan Thackeray in Guild Wars 2.

You might already guess that in the end of the content Gwen and Thackeray will be reunited, though in what way, we do not know just yet. What we do know however, is that a wedding is coming up and that you’re invited! It promises to be a great happening, one that you should want to attend.

Along with the wedding you can now purchase 5 new costumes via the ingame store or the NCSoft store. For the females there are two dresses: an exact replica of Gwen’s strapless wedding gown or an elegant formal gown. For those females that prefer to dress in a suit, there’s also a female Dapper Tuxedo. For the males one can choose between Keiran’s tuxedo and a dapper tuxedo. If you really want to celebrate, pick up all the costumes in the Wedding Party Costume Pack!

If you really love weddings and you want a cool wallpaper with Gwen and Thackeray in a romantic pose, be sure to head over to the official Hearts of the North (which is the current content-name for this part of Guild Wars: Beyond) content page!

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