Lore interview with Jeff Grubb

Like always, after a while, we release our interviews here on our site in text form as well. In this interview first published in GuildMag: Frigid Times, we found out about the purpose of the Dominion of Winds, what has happened with the Maguuma Jungle and plenty more. So far the reactions have been greatly positive about this interview and we hope that you, if you have not yet seen it in our issue (which you should check out!), will enjoy it as well. This year is going to be a promising year and we hope that together with you we can get even more answers to our burning questions!

Before I close off and let you read the interview, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and fantastic new year!

GuildMag: On the Ghosts of Ascalon map, the Maguuma Jungle seems to be called the Maguuma Wastes. Is it no longer called the Maguuma Jungle or is it just the top, dry portions seen in GW1 that are now called Maguuma Wastes?

Jeff Grubb: The northern parts of the Maguuma Jungle have dried out, creating the wastes (the southern regions, where the asura and sylvari have set up their nations, are considered part of the Tarnished Coast). This change has been attributed to the rise of the Elder Dragons, but that has not been confirmed, and there may be other nefarious agents at work.

GuildMag: What can you tell us of the Mists that is not already explained in the Prophecies and Nightfall Manuscripts? Is it best to compare it to outer space in real life, or is it something vastly different, that you will continue to subtly develop in side quests with races like the asura?

Jeff Grubb: The Mists are the building blocks of reality, the proto-reality that exists between the worlds. It is where we find afterlifes and the homes of the various gods and other powerful entities. The Mists also resonate from the worlds around them, such that they form bits of their own reality – islands of existence that reflect the histories of their worlds.

In GW2, our PVP will take place in the Mists.

GuildMag: What happened to King Jadon of Kryta? He abandoned his throne, but where did he go? Is he still alive during Guild Wars Beyond, in exile somewhere? Might he try to reclaim the throne, or might some later child of his — born in exile — assert some claim to it? This could tie in to the various conflicts that Salma has to face over the next few years.

Jeff Grubb: The tides of history have closed over King Jadon and the rest of the royal family. While it is possible that his family may have survived, no word of it has come down into the present time.

GuildMag: Can you give us more information on the Great Dwarf, is he really a god or more like a powerful spirit (like the spirits of the wild)?

Jeff Grubb: The Great Dwarf can best be thought of as collective consciousness of the dwarves themselves (indeed, in making the prophesy of the Great Dwarf defeating the Great Destroyer coming true). Has anyone MET the Great Dwarf, and found him to be a real being? Well, that has not happened.

The whole question of gods is based upon culture. The humans have tangible, powerful beings that they can interact with – hence, gods. The spirits of the norn also fit that description, so humans would call these beings “gods.”

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