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Rudi’s Quest

The story so far…

The days are getting colder and colder; the wind outside gusts in a cold breeze. Lands are becoming bedded by snow, and in the air… in the air, there’s a red spot, marking the coming of something special.

This year, Reindeer Rudi will visit Lion’s Arch and he has a quest: find [Santa]!

Everywhere around you, you can find clues that something that we know as [Santa], is actually around in Tyria. Even Rudi once knew [Santa], but when he traveled from the artic seas in the north, to Tyria on one day, [Santa] disappeared. Many say he’s been sighted in the Northern Shiverpeaks, and others speak of shady figures hanging around Kryta… is there something bigger at stake?

It’s Rudi’s Quest to find [Santa] again, and prevent whatever is about to happen in Tyria!

Important Information

Where? – Lion’s Arch: International District 1
When? –  26th December
What time? – Between 7.00pm(19.00) and 1.00am(1.00) (times are in GMT)

REQUIREMENT: Finishing Eye of the North is required to join in on all the fun, though a good chunk will find place in Lion’s Arch.

Parties Involved
GuildMag (event host)
Gamers World Entertainment Network
(others, needs confirmation)

*Note: this post will be updated with more information when we have it worked out. Date, time and place are pinpointed, but the story can still be tweaked. You’ll find more information in the latest issue of GuildMag: Frigid Times, coming out between the 20th and 26th december!

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