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The Halloween Workshop Winners

With the announcement of the winners of the Halloween Workshop 2010, held on in the Nolani Academy of Arts forum, the Halloween workshop has truly come to an end. During the ‘after party’ in the Tombs of Primeval Kings the winners were announced by Tzu and prizes were handed out. The people of provided music and entertained the crowd with their well known trivias. Next to this they also announced the winners of each category ‘on air’, after being announced in the district, from the reactions I read in the thread, it was a great party!

But as a reader I’m sure you are more interested in knowing who eventually won in all those workshop categories, so without any more fuzz :

Art book Award
:  Charlie Dayman

Guru Halloween Artist Extraordinaire:  KiyaKoreena

Best Progress
1st Place:  Minami Kaori
2nd Place:  Penguin Oo
3rd Place:  Oh_Frustration

Best Literature
1st Place:  Thistle Xandra
2nd Place:  Konig Des Todes
3rd Place:  Obastable

Most original:  Shady Tradesman
Pure Evil:  Ravenhawk
Most Amusing:  Odinius
Muse:  Tommy’s
In the Spirit of Halloween:  Artemis Alexandrae
Gamescom Goodie Bag:  Aryabladedancer
PAX t-shirt #1:  Kittycricri
PAX t-shirt #2:  Najade

See you next year, or perhaps during the Wintersday Workshop, which is starting soon …

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