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Go Forth and Multiply: The Hylek

The Hylek, after the well received Kodan blogpost, ArenaNet has another lore full blog entry for us to consume. This time they take a look at the frograce which was first introduced in Guild Wars: Nightfall. While described as a nuisance to anyone traveling in Elona, they’re now much more of a race that acts on their own profit causing you to either be fighting them or actually fighting alongside them to complete a dynamic event or a part of your personal story. As described before, with some races, you will at one point be able to tell whether you’re friendly to them or not, which will obviously have further influence on your game.

Prolific and belligerent, hylek are froglike creatures that thrive in all types of water, but prefer to live in swampy areas. No matter where they claim their territory, hylek spawn in alarming quantities. Once reclusive and xenophobic, hylek can now be found farther and farther away from their spawning grounds. From the moment they’re born, hylek find themselves in a fierce competition with their brethren for food and shelter. Those who survive grow more aggressive as their bodies develop the toxins that they use to hunt their prey, protect their villages, and strike down their rivals. They are resourceful survivors, fierce warriors, and masters of poison. They are the hylek.

The blogpost goes on with subjects like that the hylek are now primarily living in swamps from the boundaries of kryta to the edge of Orr, in newfound swamps which were caused by the slow melting of the Shiverpeaks. Their enemies include corsairs, drakes, the minions of zhaitan and krait slavers. They also state that, while in the original Guild Wars, Hylek was merely the name of the frog tribe one could find in Eye of the North, it is now the name for the race as a whole, while leaving the names of the tribes still in tact.

For more on the Hylek, head on over to the official blogpost at the ArenaNet blog which also includes a few interesting quotes and pictures for you to view!


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