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Goin’ Commando with Horia Dociu

Time traveling exists and 250 years ahead, there’s a commando profession in Tyria. That’s what ArenaNet wanted us to believe past April 1st. Horia Dociu is the man to blame, as he came up with the idea to include a modern military profession in Guild Wars 2 as an April Fools. In today’s blogpost he talks about how he came up with his idea.

Military shooters are just my cup of tea. Before I joined ArenaNet over seven years ago, I was working at Valve, and before that I worked on the original SOCOM. I loved playing Metal Gear and Rogue Spear! Even now, when I’m not working, I’m in front of my TV getting my ass handed to me in Call of Duty.

One day, while working on some of the previous Guild Wars 2 skill videos, I thought about how I’d love to see a SWAT team taking out charr with assault rifles and how much fun it would be to make that video. Then it clicked: April Fools’ Day would be my only opportunity to do that, so I had to make it happen!

I guess we might be thankful that he ended up working on a fantasy game seven years ago, rather than staying at Valve. Never the less, the joke went out perfectly, especially when the Guild Wars LIVE team decided to catch in with the prank and add a quest that showcased how absolutely awesome this class was. They even flown in a frigging Moahawk!

For more on ArenaNet’s April Fools, check out their official blog! When you’re looking for other April Fools and other stuff, check out our recent Community Roundup by Valiant!


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