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Goodbye Overflows… Hello Megaservers

Say goodbye to your overflows and all of the issues that are attached to it. Megaservers will be making their entry come April 15th! In the latest blogpost, ArenaNet explains their long term plans to retire the idea of overflows and replace them with megaservers.

Megaservers are, as their name implies, big servers and will put people together on the same PvE maps regardless of which world your character belongs to in an effort to promote and expand the social experience in the same.

Additionally, this new system will rank your character/account by hand of a few factors such as friendlist, guildlist(s), language, party and home world. In the end this means that you are more likely to frequently play together with both your friends and guildmates on PvE maps as well as match your language with those of others when putting you together on a map. Home servers will till be sticking around due to their functioning for World versus World, but it will mean you’ll come across other servers during off-times and will allow for a much more lively experience.

Because of the introduction of megaservers, the concept of overflows for PvE will be retiring when the system will be activated game-wide. Players will however still be split up between EU and US servers, possibly to do with latency issues that cannot be addressed correctly because of the distance between client and servers. Guilds will also still be bound to their worlds, just like the aforementioned WvW servers, but this might be changing in the future.

Later this week other blogsposts will more broadly detail how the megaservers will affect world bosses, guilds and WvW, as they do, we’ll be sure to cover it here! For now, we’re curious what you think of these megaservers, are you happy to finally explore the world without having a sense of emptiness?



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