Guide: Herta, Bloodstone Dust Eater

Welcome to GuildMag’s guide to attaining Herta, the bloodstone dust eater.  Our guide takes you through both Heart of Thorns achievements needed to attain this gizmo: A Study in Gold and Where Exalted Dare.  This is a great scavenger hunt to learn a little more lore about the Exalted and their connection with Glint.

You can watch through the 13-minute guide below, or skip straight to the steps you need by clicking on the timestamps linked below the video.  You must complete A Study in Gold first before Where Exalted Dare unlocks and becomes available.

If you’re on Where Exalted Dare and looking for the location of Herta’s head specifically, that timestamp is linked as well.  We’ve listed this achievement first in the table of contents below for those of you who are just interested in completing that achievement.  Happy hunting!

Where Exalted Dare

  • Skip straight to Herta – 12:00

A Study in Gold

  1. Westgate: Next to Sage Laural – 0:38
  2. Legacy Pillars: Southwest – 2:04
  3. Legacy Pillars: Southeast – 2:52
  4. Legacy Pillars: Northwest – 3:32
  5. Where Water Flows Vertically – 4:04
  6. Where the Falls End and Nature Begins – 4:22
  7. A Great View of a Mighty Tree – 4:48
  8. Tucked Away Southwest – 5:17
  9. The Way Has Decayed Unless You Fly – 5:39
  10. Southgate and Northgate Entrances – 6:11
  11. Southgate and Northgate Entrances – 6:11
  12. You’ll Only Be Able to Reach This from Very High Up – 6:19
  13. The Jungle Grows Even Up Here – 8:17
  14. Where We Lay Our Masks to Rest – 8:48
  15. Heavy Foliage Hides This One – 10:05
  16. Glint’s Words Guide Us – 10:43
  17. One Day There Will Be Another – 11:06
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