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Guild Halls and Heart of Thorns Pre-Ordering Announced

Nearly six months to the day since ArenaNet announced that guild halls are coming to Guild Wars 2 with the Heart of Thorns expansion, Colin Johanson finally revealed more information Tuesday night on PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show at E3.  In his interview with Sean “Day[9]” Plott, Colin revealed not only that guild halls are going to be the social hub for guilds, but that pre-ordering for Heart of Thorns is now open (digital only).

As the trailer shows, the life of your guild hall begins by being claimed from the hands of Mordremoth’s forces.  Once defeated, your guild will unlock and claim the guild hall map for its own.  From there, you and your guildies will be able to upgrade your guild hall by adding buildings, decorations, portals for guild activities such as guild missions and bounties, and, at long last, guilds will be able to create custom arenas for GvG or dueling PvP battles and upgrade them on the fly.  Guild halls will also include PvP leaderboards, a detail that will likely be expanded on later this week.

Colin also revealed that one guild hall feature, the Workshop, will give guilds access to a new crafting discipline, the Scribe, allowing guilds to craft decorations and guild-specific tools.  Guilds will also have the ability to create a War Room, a handy option if your guild likes to focus on WvW.  The War Room will allow guilds to build and deploy weapons such as airships to assist  their guild-held objectives in WvW.

GW2 Heart of Thorns - Guild Hall - Gilded Hollow 2

Gilded Hollow, one of two guild hall options shipping with Heart of Thorns.

Colin wrapped up his interview by revealing that Heart of Thorns is now available for pre-purchase, an announcement that was immediately met with a lot of excitement around the community.  Unfortunately, this was marred for some once pre-ordering details began to sink in.

As with Guild Wars 2 pre-purchasing, pre-ordering Heart of Thorns guarantees access to all forthcoming beta weekends.  Additionally, you will have an exclusive in-game title if you purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate options, and, to many people’s surprise, immediate access to the core Guild Wars 2 game.  Only the Deluxe and Ultimate options come with an additional character slot, a Mini Revenant Rytlock, a Revenant Finisher, Mordremoth’s Guild Hall Decoration, and a Heart of Thorns Glider Skin.  The Ultimate edition also includes 4000 gems.  There are no plans for a physical collector’s edition of the expansion.  Including the core game is a nice bonus for new players, but many veteran players are upset that an expansion upgrade-only option is not available, making them feel as if they are having to pay again for a game they already own.  The lack of a character slot on the Standard edition was also not well-received.  If you have questions about Heart of Thorns pre-ordering, be sure to check out the Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase FAQ page.

GW2 Heart of Thorns - Guild Hall - Lost Precipice 1

Lost Precipice, one of two guild hall options shipping with Heart of Thorns.

Given that the PC Gaming Show format is set up for brief interviews, it’s no surprise that ArenaNet will use the rest of this week to share more information on guild halls.  They’ve already given exclusive interviews with further details to ZAM and MassivelyOP.  More blog posts and interviews are sure to follow.  We’ll get our first in-game look at guild halls this Friday on Points of Interest on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

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