Guild Wars 2 Apps and Websites 2015 – Reviewed

As a follow-up to my 2014 article on iOS apps, I reviewed some of the best Guild Wars 2 apps available out there to enhance your gaming experience. Here’s what I thought of them.


(All Android apps were installed on a OnePlus One. Experiences may vary by device.)

Guild Wars 2 WvW Monitor

Guild Wars 2 WvW Monitor

This app is a nice and simple companion for the WvW players out there. The app consists of three sections: one for match-ups, another for the real-time status of WvW maps, and a final one for the detailed scores for each server, including a score breakdown with the number of sentry posts, keeps and so on. The app is easily navigable, with the ability to swipe between maps allowing for ease of use. A pie chart visually representing the level of control in an area helps to immediately inform you where players are needed. The app could perhaps do with a cosmetic boost, but this is a tiny criticism for an otherwise great app.

Rating: 8/10


Guild Wars 2 Timers

 Guild Wars 2 Timers

Yet another basic app, this one keeps track of when different world events take place. While the megaserver system broke timers, the synced game-wide event spawn times still allow for timers. This app in particular has a list of every world boss in the game as well as a detailed and up-to-date event breakdown for Dry Top. There is also a list of dungeon paths, which I’m not too sure about the specific use, but is a nice feature nonetheless, perhaps allowing you to keep track of which paths you’ve done already that day, or allowing you to remember which track you agreed to do with friends. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and you can set it to create a notification when an event begins. Unfortunately the notifications can be a little temperamental, not always working despite setting them to go off a certain amount of time before the events. The app is also a battery hog, so it may be an idea to fully close the app if not using it. Overall a good app, but could do with some polish.

Rating: 6/10




A small app which makes accessing the wiki on mobile much easier. This app doesn’t do much more than you’d think, but does what it needs to do quite well. GW2Wiki serves as a client for viewing the wiki, which begs the question, “Why not just use a browser?” However, the app has a few benefits over using the browser, for example, it loads the pages in a nice mobile format, even more convenient than the default mobile format for the Guild Wars 2 Wiki. The app also has easy buttons to access French, German and Spanish versions of the wiki, making it easier than changing the URL to switch back to English, where articles inevitably have more information. You can also set pages as favourites, so if you’re role-playing a Krytan noble and need to quickly look up the ministries, or are an avid PvP player and want to see the rewards you can expect from a reward track, then this feature may come in handy. These small benefits make this app worthwhile as a download, with the only negatives being that the text often does not fit entirely on the screen, a common mobile problem, and that you have to be specific with search terms, a general wiki issue.

Rating: 8/10


iOS (Revisited from my previous article)

IGN App For GW2


I can’t say this isn’t a surprise, but this app has only been updated once since my last review of it. Two days after I reviewed it. Therefore, the app has nothing on some of the biggest changes to the game, and is now practically useless. Not to mention it still has the pre-iOS 7 interface. Certainly not worth the download.

Previous Rating: 5/10 Now: 3/10


War Reports for GW2

This app is just as useful as when I last reviewed it. Unlike the IGN app, it has been updated to take into account megaservers as well as the Silverwastes and Dry Top. If you use iOS and want an equivalent to the WvW and timer apps on Android, this is the one for you. Also, instead of being separated over two apps as the Android WvW and timer apps were, this features both in one app, perhaps making it more useful.

Previous Rating: 8/10 Now: 8/10


Crafty for Guild Wars 2


Unfortunately yet another app left outdated, this app does not feature newer items such as the Mawdrey backpiece or Ambrite weapons. However, it may still be worth a download for older recipes, which in most cases have been left unchanged since the app was last updated.

Previous Rating: 9/10 Now: 7/10


Identified Dye


This app still works exactly as it did when I last reviewed it, and due to the nature of the API, it also includes newer dyes such as the Glint dyes. Worth a download if you’re planning outfits on the go.

Previous Rating: 7/10 Now: 7/10



Dragon Timer (Guild Wars Temple)


An online event timer that does its job, this website provides a timer complete with a map of the immediate area around the world boss. The site provides a detailed breakdown of each world boss, and can in fact be downloaded as a Rainmeter skin (a program which allows you to place elements on your desktop). The site’s timer element is nicely designed, but could perhaps do with an interactive map. This is only a minor criticism, since the site works perfectly well, and therefore, for those with two monitors, is a good thing to have up whilst playing Guild Wars 2.

Rating: 8/10



For anyone planning on crafting a legendary weapon, this site is perfect. It creates a custom URL to save your progress, allowing you to keep track of what you’ve bought to put toward a legendary weapon. It also keeps track of current trading post prices. The site also includes links to wiki pages, generally saving time. All you have to do to use the site is keep track of what you have, and it will tell you how much more of the different in-game currencies you still have to spend to get what is needed for the legendary. Bookmark your custom URL to save your progress. This significantly eases up the legendary crafting process, and therefore is a must-visit for anyone with their eyes set on one.

Rating: 9/10


Craft to Gold

This website uses real-time information from the trading post to tell you what will create the most profit. If you want to make gold quickly, this site is key. This money-making venture requires crafting skill, so don’t go into it expecting easy money if you’ve never crafted before. However, the site does make it easy to see what will make the most profit, so for someone who has grinded to a certain crafting level and not done any more, this site will easily explain the process. If you’ve crafted before, and want to make easy money, this site is worth a visit.

Rating: 8/10


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