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This weekly round-up is intended to help you to publicize your guild or alliance event, and as long as your event is open to the whole Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 community, we’ll list it here. Send us the details at and we’ll get it out to the fan community (given that we only do a weekly wrap-up, try to send the information at least a week in advance).

  • Duke — The name, date and time of my next event – March to Mount Maelstrom. “If you read this blog, you’re invited! I will probably produce a big poster thing explaining the event a bit later in the month like I did for Strike on Southsun, but for now content yourselves with the details in boring old text on the official forum thread. I hope to see you there!”
  • GW2 Guru — Screenshot of the Week: Tequatl The Sunless. “After a short hiatus, it’s time for another magical round of Screenshot of the Week. If you haven’t submitted in one of the earlier threads, all you have to do is post a screenshot that relates to the scenario provided, and the best entry will be deemed the winner. If you see an entry that you really enjoy, click the like button to give it a bump in visibility (though likes do not directly equal a win).”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Dethroat.3514 posted on the topic Coasters For the Kids. A CHARITY: “Extra-Life is a gaming marathon held on November 2nd whereby participants reach out to their friends, family and fellow gamers to donate some cash to a worthy cause, the support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We’re going to get our friends, family members and fellow gamers to pledge us so we can game all night and into the wee hours of the morning to make a difference in the lives of children with critical illnesses and serious injuries. We play to raise money so they can keep on playing! Specifically we’re going to start gaming on November 1st (I know, a little early, but hey, it’ll be fun!) at 6 pm Server for Reset. You’re going to find us, War is Hell, and anyone who wants to join us, out in WvW for as long as we can go! 6 PM Server on the 1st until 6 pm Server on the 2nd, or longer if we don’t pass out and get keyboard imprints on our foreheads!”
  • The Centaur’s Satchel — Winners of the Mr. Sparkles Mini contest! “Ok so the contest is now closed and it’s time to announce the winners! I can’t stress enough that this was an incredibly difficult decision. There are not enough words to convey that because it was. If I had more codes, you would all be walking away with your own mini Mr. Sparkles. I was not prepared for how creative everyone is and then some of you threw puns in there, and it was all over! Sneaky, sneaky, knowing puns are one of my weaknesses!”
  • PCGamesN — Competition time: win one of five Guild Wars 2 “Tequatl Rising” posters. “Awww, it’s a baby Quaggan, isn’t it cute. A semblance of pure innocent joy, there’s nothing in the world that would even think to hurt the poor thing. Wait, what’s that? Oh no, there’s something in the water!”
  • — Linker Program Ends. “The Linker Program has allowed some creative Youtubers to add their latest Guild Wars 2 content to our library of videos. We put power into the hands of creators to post their content here and control how they promote their own channel in the description. This was great and our partners loved it. Unfortunately we’ll be ending the program after September 30th, 2013.”
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