Guild Wars 2 Companion Apps – The Best iOS Apps in 2014

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Ever since the API for Guild Wars 2 was released by ArenaNet, a whole host of apps have been produced. Some paid, some free. This article will only focus on the free apps, giving a score for each, and a summary of the features. These are all iOS Guild Wars 2 apps, so if you’d like to do a review for an Android exclusive app, feel free to submit it at


  • IGN App For GW2

A handy app that features integration with Reddit and YouTube, this is a decent download for the average Guild Wars 2 fan. It has wallpapers, interactive maps, news and a character planner. However, while it sounds full of content, all of the areas other than the news section are rather lacking, and much of the information is out of date. With a bit more love, this app could be much better.

Rating: 5/10

  • War Reports for GW2

This app is great for both WvW players, or mainly PvE. It includes a constantly updated map of the WvW maps, a comprehensive list of events, not just world bosses, and a map of Tyria. There is also a news tab, which shows the news from the login window. The app is up to date in most areas, but some are behind, with the locations tab listing Labyrinthine Cliffs, or the events tab showing Wintersday events still. Despite this, the app is worth downloading just for it’s detailed events summary.

Rating: 8/10


Recipes and the Trading Post:

  • GW2 Profit

GW2 Profit is a neat app that provides in-depth data on every crafting recipe in the game. It will be a great addition to any master craftsman’s arsenal with detailed information on the profitability of a recipe at a certain time. However, the lack of labelling may confuse newer players who want to start crafting, and the app could do with a guide for new crafters.

Rating: 7/10

  • Crafty for Guild Wars 2

This app is one of the better looking apps on this list. It gives in-depth information on recipes for items, and is a great resource for looking up items. The app has a ‘Faves’ section, where you can save items to look at later, or to constantly refer back to, a nice touch. There is also a search feature, making this one of the most comprehensive and easy to use crafting apps out there. The one downside is that you must pay a small fee to see live prices in the app, but this is an easily justifiable purchase due to the slowness of the in-game trading post. In the next update, there will be graphs showing buy and sell orders, and much more is to come.

Rating: 9/10

  • Identified Dye

This app is exclusively a list of all the dyes in the game. While this may sound simple, or not needed, due to the often slow nature of the trading post, this app is ideal. It gives you an idea of what a dye will look like on an armour type, and how much it costs at this very moment. You can sort dyes by Colour, Brightness and Saturation, and it can be quite easy to find the dye you are looking for by the search tool. However, this app could do with a ‘Sort by Rarity’ feature, allowing you to sort the rare from the common dyes.

Rating: 7/10


  • Event Timer for Guild Wars 2

By far the simplest timer app on the App Store, this app features timers for all world bosses and the ability to set an alarm. However, it can often get confusing whether or not a boss is within it’s window or whether it is coming up to it’s window. However, for what it is, this app is really quite decent, and well worth a download.

Rating: 7/10


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