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Guild Wars 2: Designing and Redesigning Events

Next up in Norn Week is a look at the design proces behind the norn starting area: Wayfarer Foothills. Jeffrey Vaughn stops by and lets us take a look at the things he did to make sure that this starting area got its own feel and look. He first talks about how he gets to design a specific area, dynyamic events and everything included. After designing the area it will get tested during All Calls, where the entire company jumps into the game to play and test the game together in order to get a better feel as to how that area plays with more people. Last but certainly not least, Jeffrey talks about what defines Wayfarer Foothills and in it, he talks about the shrines for each of the four spirits of the wild that have been placed in this area. For more, as always, head over to the official ArenaNet Blogpage!

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Vaughn, a content designer here at ArenaNet. I’m responsible for creating events, populating the world, and trying to make sure you’re always having fun. One of the most recent maps I worked on was the Wayfarer Foothills, the starting area for the norn, just outside of Hoelbrak in the Shiverpeak Mountains. It was especially exciting because this map is the first area many gamers will experience in Guild Wars 2.


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