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Guild Wars 2 Development Update by Jon Peters

Remember all those professions we used to talk about so much? What are they up to nowadays? How come they never write? Well they’re not lazing about; the engineers and rangers are hard at work developing their skills and all are working on their cross-profession combos. Practice practice gang! Those dragons aren’t getting any deader! (Well maybe one is.)

When we initially talked about the engineer, only some of the heal and utility skills had corresponding tool belt skills, but as we spent more time with this profession—especially testing for the gamescom demo—we started imagining a much cooler version of the engineer’s tool belt, where every slotted heal/utility skill had a tool belt counterpart.

This improved tool belt system meant that we had to design twenty-three new skills. Since this is ArenaNet, that meant a bunch of meetings, some yelling, a whiteboard, and a lot of sticky notes. After all was said and done, we ended up with a matching tool belt skill for every heal and utility skill—this was how the engineer was always supposed to play!

Skip on over to the ArenaNet blog for the latest skill update.


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