Guild Wars 2 Dungeons – Rewards & Lore

While exploring Lion’s Arch, we stumbled across eight merchants, these merchants will grant you a reward for completing a dungeon by exchanging the tokens associated to that certain dungeon. As well as giving you armors and weapons, they tell a little bit more about each of the eight dungeons included at the initial launch of Guild Wars 2, these tidbits are included as images below the videos of the armor and weapon rewards. Check out the two videos as well as the lore images!

Dungeon Armor Rewards

Dungeon Weapon Rewards

And to round things off, we’ve uploaded a video giving you a quick look at some of the armor rewards that are being worn by the merchants:

Ascalonian Catacombs

 Caudecus’s Estate

Twilight Arbor

Sorrow’s Embrace

Citadel of Flame

Honor of Waves

Crucible of Eternity


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