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Guild Wars 2: Go Big or Go Home

Some of you might’ve been wondering about the size of the norn that was standing inside the hall yesterday, you might’ve asked yourself if she wasn’t a tad too big or if those behind her were a tad too small. Martin Kerstein went out and gave us the answer in a double blogposting! He gave us an example of the same norn standing right in front of one of the great halls of the Norn which tell you how massive their buildings actually are! Check it out in greater detail over at the arenanet blog!

Norn are big, and they do everything in a big way, including architecture. The five great structures of Hoelbrak – the Great Lodge and the four lodges dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild – are built on such a scale that even the mighty norn look small in comparison.  But how big is norn big?

Yesterday on the blog we showed you a screenshot of a female norn with a norn-sized gun. Many of you noticed the small figures in the background, seemingly at the norn woman’s feet. Do the norn enjoy playing with dolls? Do the norn have tiny little servants who live in tiny little houses? Or was that female norn standing on top of a vantage point looking down into the cavernous Great Lodge of Hoelbrak? The last answer is correct.

But wait a minute, the norn lodges aren’t really that big, are they?

Actually, yes – the norn lodges are MASSIVE. To give you a sense of scale, here’s the same norn female standing in front of the entrance to the Wolf Lodge at Hoelbrak.


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