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Guild Wars 2 is Exploring Underwater PvP Possibilities did a live interview with Jonathan Sharp, Mike Z and Martin Kerstein on the recent Press Beta experiences. While talking about how PvP works in Guild Wars 2 Gary Gannon managed to grab some new information on underwater PvP:

Are you able to expand it [PvP maps] all? With some of these secondary objectives that might be that change the map [objective]?’ on which Sharp answered ‘Yeah, sure, so we have some stuff, so we are going to have some underwater maps that we’re testing. So you have the underwater mechanic of fighting underwater, so instead of having your above land weapons, you’ll have underwater weapons which brings its own gameplay changes to it because you’re playing in a 3D space all of a sudden.‘ Gary continues: ‘So underwater PvP, is that a confirmation, did I just hear that, is that news? I don’t know if we’ve heard that.‘ Sharp continues: ‘We’re planning, we think that underwater combat can work for our PvP. We’re going to push that through.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview as well, as it contains some nice tibits and clarifications!


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