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Guild Wars 2: Legend and Legacy

Today gives us the first real content regarding Norn Week – audio clips. Just like with the humans you can now hear a few fancy audio clips that show how you’ll speak when you’re a norn, or not – since norn have no need of speak and all. IT also tells you a bit more about the norn themself and how their life came to be in Hoelbrak and the Northern Shiverpeaks. Anyhow, enjoy the audio clips over at the official ArenaNet blog!

My name is David Wilson. I’m an editor and writer on the Guild Wars 2 design team. We’re putting a lot of effort into bringing Tyria to life, making it feel like someplace people actually live. With each race taking a prominent role in Tyria now, making sure that they feel true to their roots while still feeling alive and unique has taken a lot of care and consideration. Of all the races, it may seem easiest to keep the norn intact, but like the others, their culture has grown and advanced over time.


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