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Guild Wars 2 Story Journal Update

Update: ArenaNet has now officially posted their article regarding the Guild Wars 2 Story Journal on the Guild Wars 2 website. According to the article, players will be able to (re)-live the Living Story episodes going forward into Season 2 (with the possibility of adding Season 1 later down the road). To do so you’ll either need to login during the specific weeks that an episode is on the live server or pay a Black Lion Trading Company fee of 200 gems to have it retroactively unlocked. In an attempt to create content specifically targeted at level 80 characters, the story during and after Season 2 will be only playable once you’ve reached the level limit. This means that all new story content going forward will most likely be designated as ‘end game’ content.

Last but not least, ArenaNet promises for harder achievements which can be unlocked after completing the story part of an episode. Rewards for these achievements will include materials as well as achievement points. The story part of each episode will still include, permanent, new rewards like those which you could get by completing the meta-tracks that were linked to each previous Living Story episode during Season 1. More on the new system is explained by Colin Johanson on the official Guild Wars 2 website.


Old story below:

According to the Belgian site ArenaNet will be implementing a new feature which will allow you to experience Living Story content after the two weeks have passed. There are two requirements that you’ll need to pass to be eligible to experience this content: first, you’ll need to login during the period the specific episode of the Living Story is live, second, you’ll need to pay a small ingame fee (price to be determined).

Below is a native translation of the article:

“After the expansive first narrative season in which Scarlet Briar played the main part, Guild Wars 2 will soon begin it’s second Living World chapter. The cliffhanger of the previous season caused for a lot of speculation: what will happen with the ruins of Lion’s Arch and is Tyria safe of not?”

“Not everyone was happy with the temporary content of the two-weekly update schedule. A lot of people missed out on a few episodes of the story, but this will no longer be the case in the second season. NCsoft and ArenaNet developed a journal in which the Living World chapters can be saved. You’ll only need to login during the two-weekly event to be able to save the content for later completion. Whether you’re short on time or if your character has not achieved the right level requirements [at the moment of the update], you’ll no longer run into these issues after the system has been implemented. If you are unable to login during that specific time period, you will still be able to (re)-live everything by paying a small ingame fee.”

Source: 9Lives (Via @DragonSeasonCom)

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