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Guild Wars 2 on the Social Media Front

ArenaNet updated their blogpage with a new entry concerning their social media strategy. In this blogpost they talk about a milestone goal ‘game’ on their facebook page in which they release a new concept art at every new 10.000 likes, up until they reach 500,000 followers at which point they’ll reveal a ‘final epic piece of art that we guarantee you’ll love!’ Up until now, they’ve published a stunning piece of artwork showcasing Eir making an underwater discovery.

Hundreds of thousands of Guild Wars 2 fans have become followers on Facebook, and we’ve worked hard to make our fan page a reflection of the community we want in Guild Wars 2: a place where newcomers can learn the basics from longtime fans, where everyone can share their excitement over Guild Wars 2, and where we can share news, fansite projects, art, and more.

In the blogpost they also mention that they’ve joined Printerest on which they’ll show fan art, cosplay costumes from fans, but also artwork of ArenaNet artists themselves! Check out this page often for your creative Guild Wars 2 fix!

In preparation for the Beta Weekend Event, you’ll also find screenshot boards for the norn, human, and charr areas. As you’re adventuring in Tyria this weekend, take time to snap a few screenshots. If you upload them, be sure to give us the link on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll pin some of our favorites to share with everyone.

Last but not least they note that you should also follow them on Twitter where they are sure to bring ‘rapid-fire answers, information, and news’ to all the fans in a timely fashion.



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