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Guild Wars 2: Original Game Soundtrack on Sale

One of the things that make Guild Wars 2 epic is its beautifully composed soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, and as of today you can purchase a limited deluxe compilation set consisting of four disks of previously unreleased music for $29,99. Head over to the DirectSong store and sign up for your order there! And as an added bonus, all orders will be signed by Jeremy Soule himself as well so this is one of those must-have collectibles for your collection!

This limited deluxe compilation set, Guild Wars 2: Original Game Soundtrack, features four discs of previously unreleased music.  Guild Wars 2 is a masterpiece of artistic expression and Jeremy has again risen to the challenge of accompanying this great work with an equally brilliant soundscape.  The music of Guild Wars 2 is a spectacular tapestry of vivid melodies and intricately woven harmonies. May your imagination soar inside the game or elsewhere while listening to this extraordinary celebration of sound. This compilation set will ship within four weeks from the date of purchase, exclusively from DirectSong.

UPDATE: ArenaNet just announced that they included a $5,00 coupon inside each Collector’s Edition for a price reduction towards the Guild Wars 2: Original Game Soundtrack. This might be beneficial for those that have not already pre-purchased the soundtrack and perhaps a motivation to others to purchase a copy of the soundtrack.

Source: DirectSong store

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