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Guild Wars 2 pre-sale numbers and other news

Several interesting posts in various places today. First up, on the official Guild Wars 2 Facebook page:

It’s been a long and exciting journey that you, our community, has taken with us, and we will enjoy launch that much more if we can spend it with you. To that end, members of the Guild Wars 2 team will be traveling around the United States* on September 1st to celebrate launch in New York, Austin, Orlando, Los Angeles, and of course Seattle.

At each event, ArenaNet employees will be on hand to sign your Guild Wars 2 games, books, and posters. We’ll also have giveaways of t-shirts, posters, and an exclusive in-game item. The giveaways are first-come-first-serve as long as our supplies hold out. Finally, we’ll hold a raffle at each GameStop location for one Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition.

**Bring your friends**

Time reports on the pre-sales numbers and peak concurrent user levels:

In any case, publisher NCsoft is sharing preliminary numbers for all you MMO comparison wonks: Over one million players paid to play the game ($60 standard, $150 collector’s, and it’s free-to-play thereafter) during the three-day early start. And that’s not counting the one-day preorders or, obviously, whatever sales the game enjoys today as it officially launches. So that’s sales, but how many people are actually playing this thing? During the headstart phase, NCsoft says demand for the game topped 400,000 simultaneous online players, calling it a “record-breaking

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