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Guild Wars 2 Reddit AmA Highlights & More!

Alright, so yesterday ArenaNet had a big Reddit AmA answering questions of all fans alike. Perhaps you saw us tweet all the important stuff throughout the AmA, but if you didn’t, below is a list of that. If you want to read all of the hundreds of questions that got asked however, head over to this document on google, it has all the questions and answers written out in a nice structure! Without further ado, here are the highlights of the Guild Wars 2 Reddit AmA of june 6.

  • The mini dungeon which has been added to WvW is part of the Eternal Battlegrounds map, it’s not an instance!
  • Current limit of 100 members is lower than the maximum a guild will be able to achieve. The maximum is still being determined, the maximum will not scale with glory, but there is something else that will/might be used to increase the capacity.
  • First person perspective is something they want to do, might have to wait until after release.
  • You will be able to disable camera swing.
  • Dueling might become a feature after release, depends on demand and how easy it is for them to get it into the game.
  • “If the word “MMO” means the same game mechanics that companies have been hashing out again and again for the last decade, fine, let them rot. If you change the word “MMO” to “online world”, then I bet we can agree that “online worlds” are only going to keep growing in importance.”
  • Next Beta Weekend Event should have some increase in performance for everyone, but they’re still tweaking.
  • They’re working on an item previewer, it will definitely be included before shipment.
  • During the upcoming Beta Weekend Event: World transfers will be free until 6pm PDT Saturday. After that point they will cost 1800 gems.
  • For the BWE they got a big finale planned, multiple people were involved to make it happen! They want to make every finale feel special.
  • Sylvari and Asura for  future Beta Weekend Events isn’t being commented on, they keep repeating ‘Watch this space. :-)’ on Reddit. So watch it. (They did state that they will not be in the upcoming Beta Weekend Event.)
  • They want to add a template system which will enable you to switch between templates consisting of: different weapon, skill, trait, and item builds. Likely to be added after release.
  • Elo system for matching servers in WvW, is based on the Glicko system.
  • They added quite a few legendary items to the game which you can craft. They promise that they will fill your desire for some really sweet looking end game gear.
  • Tournaments are the equivalent of Guild versus Guild in Guild Wars 2.
  • There will be no Steam version for Guild Wars 2 due to new Steam policies. You can add non-steam games to your library though!
  • Guild Wars 2 should expect to have the same amount of down time that Guild Wars 1 has had. That’s 32 hours of downtime during it’s WHOLE lifetime (7 years now!). There will be no need to take down the servers to patch them.
  • The new tiered traits and skill system makes it easy for them to add new skills and traits to the system.

They also posted a large answer to concerns about the new tiered traits system and why they changed it:

There were a number of problems with the old system that we felt required a change. We believe this new system keeps the spirit of the old system, while actually working better in the long run. Here are the problems we believe this change solve:

1) Best builds were all 30,10,10,10,10. There was always a super strong trait in every line which made each player only put 10 points into that trait line and still gain a very powerful benefit. In the new system this will still be true, but it will be tempered because people will be giving up going 20 or 30 points into multiple lines. This has allowed us to shift traits around so that more of them get play at different levels, meaning they don’t all have to compete against each other at tier 1.

2) This system is so much easier to balance. It is not reasonable to make 12 equally useful traits, particularly given how some of them had niche effects. Making 12 equal traits is harder, takes longer and ultimately leads to some traits seeing a lot less use. Finally an important point is that balance creates more choice as well because unbalanced and bad builds aren’t really options. The old system created a very small subset of über-builds which stomped out a lot of the good builds along with the bad ones.

3) Opportunity Costs are what make interesting choices. Trait tiers allow us to split the traits. 6 allowed in slot 1, 10 (6 tier 1 and 4 tier 2) allowed in slot 2, and 12(6 tier 1, 4 tier 2 and 2 tier 3) allowed in slot 3. The final 2 tier 3 traits are “elite”-like, in the sense that you can only ever have one of them on your build at once. If I’m making a damage warrior I am going to put 30 points into strength, same as every other big damage warrior, but now those characters are all guaranteed to be split at least in half forcing you to not take one of the two exclusive final traits. Before, anytime a character went 30 points in a line they were taking the same 3 (maybe 3 out of 4) traits.

4) Option Shock. New players at level 20 were clicking on a trait line for the first time and seeing 12 options which was very overwhelming. This gives them a bit of a reprieve to pick between a smaller number of traits at first and then learn more as they have played their character more.

5) Putting 30 points into a line left you with a climax of picking the third most interesting trait which did not feel good. Players want to feel like that decision to go 30 is a big decision and that when they make it they get to make a big decision that simply could not happen in the old system. Now when you commit to 30 points you are rewarded with an important choice as well as options that you didn’t previously have.

Finally, these are not the final balance numbers or often even the final traits/functionality and we will be iterating on this system as we move towards release. I know for certain there are already a number of changes I wish I could have made before this weekend, but they will have to wait until next time. If you had a really fun build before this change and it is lost now, post it in our beta forums and we can figure out how to make it viable. The intention here was not to remove fun, good builds but to create more viable builds that will increase the variety of characters in the game.

Last but not least, here are a few pics on flickr of the ArenaNet developers answering all the questions!

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