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Introducing the Guild Wars Support forums

After a very long time of debate whether on whether or not there would ever be an official Guild Wars forum, it slowly became clear that there had been something under wraps. Now we can officially announce you that there has finally been some progress on this front, as this week marks the official launch of the official Guild Wars Support forums.

We have just launched Guild Wars Support Forums, an online resource for Guild Wars players who have technical issues, want to submit a bug report, or have problems with their account. Players will use their Guild Wars game account to register on these forums, which are currently only available in English. Keep in mind that these forums are for support-related issues only.

These forums will be used to report bugs, technical issues and other support-related issues though it is still advised to first file an official ticket via the NCSoft account support before posting in these forums if it pertains an issue regarding your account(s).

If you still have any questions about the new forums, be sure to check out the frequently asked questions which also states what is new and what the forums are meant for.

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