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Activities, achievements and more!

We have been talking about having a blog on our front page for a long time, though nothing came of it, until now. This blog will cover the news released on Guild Wars 2 and probably also some small catch-ups with the Guild Wars Beyond ‘campaign’. To start off, let’s get into a pub and smash each other teeth, I mean, I’m so going to punch a few to in one of those pubs!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then follow along as we go through the newest news release!

So far the aforementioned bar brawl has been the most used example to describe so called ‘activities’. These are set in place to keep you busy when you’re not thinking of fighting in an event or something similar and prefer to do something else. In these activities, the normal gameplay elements can easily be ignored to create a unique experience. I mean, I’ve always wanted to smash a cup filled with beer into one of the Charr just to pay them back to what they did to Ascalon. For another example, smashing a chair on someone’s head will probably make their day a bit more fuzzy and exiting! If you don’t like all these PvP activities, ArenaNet has also taken care for the ones that prefer to go a bit more solo if you will. Though how this will work out, remains to be seen.

Then there was also some info on achievements you can gather along the way. This time, there seem to be a second sort of achievements, called feats. Let me first explain the regular achievements. These achievements can be gathered by doing all kinds of things going from gathering skills to perhaps participating within events. Some of these achievements can then be shown as titles below your name to make all people know about the cool titles you have obtained.

Then I also mentioned the feats, these should be viewed as something to keep you occupied during the day. In the first place they are being used to make the gap between casual and hardcore players shrink. There’s one feat that’s just a simple kill-count, but I’m sure there are a lot more. It has been said that these feats will reward players with either a bit of extra XP or some other bonus benefitting your gameplay. Although feats are a feature of the game, it seems that it fits within ArenaNet’s philosophy of anti-grind.

Along with the previously discussed features, ArenaNet has made advancements to their race-‘diplomacy’ titles (think: norn-, asura-, ebon vanguard- and deldrimor dwarf title tracks). Now, depending on how you decide to approach NPC’s, your character will create a certain personality, which will eventually result in how your character gets approached by other NPC’s.

Lastly, ArenaNet has let some info slip on the map travel system. They first addressed the issues some people had with the races, namely, that they would not be able to play together with a friend of a different race. ArenaNet has therefore placed asura portals in all main cities, which are all connected with each other, so that you can probably play together right from the start if that’s your wish. Next to this, ArenaNet has improved the overall map travel system by adding more maneuver options to it. Probably the descendent of Alekaya had rising costs when further developing the system, since he added additional costs for further travels. This resulted in a small fee for travelling outside a city, depending on the length you want to travel.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first real blog, and please, give us your feedback below! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the release of our second issue!

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