GuildMag goes GamesCom – Again!

You heard right, we’re going to GamesCom again this year, and this time we’ll bring you better, more extensive Guild Wars 2 coverage.

Starting from day 1, we’ll try to provide you with tweets, videos, blogposts on our hands-on experiences, interviews and more! If you’re looking for first-hand news from GamesCom on Guild Wars 2, be sure to keep an eye out on our site during, and after, GamesCom.

What do we have planned?

  • Dutch Sunshine, Jonny10, Asuran and Arghore will, yet again, be traveling to GamesCom. Rather than only going for one single day, we’ll now be staying for a longer duration with representation on every single GamesCom day.
  • We’ll be bringing at least two HD camcorders and one reflex camera with us to bring you top-quality visuals on Guild Wars 2.
  • There’s also our backstage video interview for which you can start submitting your own questions very soon. We’ll be publishing more details about how you can do this in a new blogpost.
  • Not attending GamesCom and want to stay on top of the news? Be sure to follow us on twitter (@GuildMag) as we’ll be live tweeting during our stay in Cologne.
  • Carving for some videos of the Guild Wars 2 PvP? We’ll be there and record as much as we can!
  • Since the Sylvari and Asura race has been announced playable during GamesCom, of course we can’t wait to try the race out ourselves. Even when you’re not going yourself, we’ll bring you video content so you can see how they’ll look like, and more in HD quality!
  • If you’re going to GamesCom, you might want to come to our small Meet&Greet on thursday 18th august 13:00 at the Guild Wars 2 booth.

Don’t see something on our list which you definitely want to see us cover regarding Guild Wars 2? Leave a message below and we’ll see what we can do!

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