GuildMag is looking for Streamers!

Because we always want to offer the community the best service possible, we’re looking for streamers that want to join our team. Your first task will obviously be to cover the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, starting June 8th. We’re currently working on a specific stream page on which we’ll aggregate all of the streams that we can find (and are compatible). We are currently looking to host our own stream during the upcoming Beta Weekend Event as well!

What are we looking for? – We’re looking for people that are familiar with streaming to have a basic stream-team ready to tackle the upcoming BWE. So: Do you have experience with programs like Xsplit and know your way around Livestream.com, Own3d or some other streaming site, send a mail with a link to your previous streams to apply@www.guildmag.com – Also tell us why you should be on our team and how you’re best contacted!

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