GuildMag Issue 10: Frozen Tales

Join us on an expedition through the Shiverpeaks, the land of snow and siege. Together we’ll visit magical places throughout this icy realm, and delve deep into its lore, stories and creativeness that have been shared by those that claim it as their homeland. Whether you’re an avid lore guru or just a casual bypasser, we invite you to explore these lands together.

This issue has been designed as your ultimate guide to the Shiverpeaks. Our first article explores the length and breadth of the snow-covered mountains, with useful links to the rest of our articles for those short on time and looking for a reference point for future reading. The rest of the issue is packed with everything from the history of the Priory and explanations of the various Shiverpeaks religions; to tales of an icy dragon far up north, and the culture of the land’s inhabitants. As per usual, we’ve also got a tonne of fan-made creations to share, including art, fiction and even music covers! And as if that wasn’t enough, in preparation for the culmination of the current Living World story arc, we’ve summarised everything that’s happened leading up to this very moment in-game.

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In This Issue

  • The Shiverpeaks: Land of Snow and Siege
    Miko Riel explores everything the Shiverpeaks have to offer! [Exploration]
  • The Dragon of Ice and Snow
    Discover the tale behind the Elder Dragon of ice and snow: Jormag. [Lore]
  • Guild Wars 2 Music Covers
    Listen to these amazing Guild Wars 2 music covers by Laurent. [Music]
  • The Norn
    Learn the lore behind the shape-shifting hunters of the north. [Lore]
  • The History, Culture and Territory of the Jotun
    A race that has become a mere shadow of its former self, as assessed by the ingenious Professor Blorp. [Lore]
  • Secrets of the Fire
    What is the secret that the fire holds? [Fiction]
  • The Legend of Thorgir
    The story of a norn blacksmith who lost everything to the Elder Dragon Jormag. [Fiction]
  • The History and Foundation of the Priory
    Discover the knowledge of the Durmand Priory. [Lore]
  • The Religions of the Shiverpeaks
    Draxynnic takes a look at all the religions that can be found in the Shiverpeaks. [Lore]
  • One Last Gift
    The tale of Navai and his brother Deus. [Fiction]
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland
    We highlight artworks made by fans, this time: Agwong, Isvoc, Kerynean, Garretpack, Aer in Darkwater, Threep Woody, Amolino and Evorazgriz. [Art]
  • The Growing Madness – The History and Future of Tyria’s Living Story
    A handy summary of the first Living World season, in preparation of Scarlet’s finale. [Living World Recap]
  • The Origin of the Elder Dragons
    Are you ready to enter the mind of an Elder Dragon in this piece of fan-fic? [Fiction]
  • The Back Pages
    The last tidbits and a chance for you to get involved in the next issue!

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