GuildMag Issue 11: Scarlet’s Journal

We did it. We finally did it. Scarlet Briar is no more. But let us rewind the story, let’s take a look at what has happened in the past year, what we found out about her alliances and her labs, and most of all: what is it that Scarlet saw that drove her into the person she ended up being? Whether you know the answers or not, our latest issue tries to bring a conclusion to the first season of the Living Story in a comprehensive way.

In this issue we’ll try to unravel as many secrets as possible, either from inside the game or from the developers themselves. We’ll start with a look at what Scarlet really saw and continue with a look at her labs and hideouts. Then, we’ll give a short summary of the main characters of Season 1 and offer you the most comprehensive recap of the Living Story you’ll be able to find around. We take a look at the various alliances Scarlet brought together, take a look at the damage dealt to Lion’s Arch and more!

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In This Issue

  • What Scarlet Really Saw
    Scarlet saw an entity while she was in Omadd’s machine, but what did she really see?
  • Field Report on Scarlet Briar, Her Labs and Technologies
    Scarlet has had many labs across Tyria, Miko Riel takes a look at each of them.
  • Season One Summary: The Major Characters
    Plagiarised gives a short summary of the major characters that we’ve come across during Living Story Season 1
  • Season One Summary: Scarlet’s Story
    Plagiarised gives a comprehensive recap of the past year’s events in which we saw the rise, and fall of Scarlet Briar.
  • Season One Lore Interview
    Angel McCoy and Scott McGough answer Season 1’s lingering questions and talk about Scarlet, the karka and more!
  • Fire from the Ground: The Molten Alliance
    The Dredge and the Fire Legion: what did the silver-tongued person from the city promise these people and how did they end up fighting together?
  • Lightning Strikes: The Rise of the Aetherblades
    The Aetherblades, a group of pirates combined with Inquest magitech. Archaes8 looks into their story.
  • Scarlet’s Twisted Watchwork and Holomancy
    Konig explores Scarlet’s reverse-engineered inventions and their impact across Tyria.
  • Towering Nightmares: The Toxic Alliance
    How did Scarlet manage to get the Nightmare Court to work together with the krait? Konig explores.
  • Lion’s Arch: Before and After
    Once a town bustling with trade, now its remains are the scars of Scarlet’s quest. We take a look at the damage that has been dealt.
  • Alliance Forming 101
    Seemingly opposite races, combined together. Scarlet managed to get them together and had plans for more alliances; Darryshan delves into them and suggests some more.
  • Madness
    A fanfiction by Chase I, in which he empathetically portrays how it felt to be on the other side of the story during the attack on Lion’s Arch.

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