GuildMag Issue 12: Magic and Technology

Magic and technology play an important part in the storyline of Guild Wars 2. While some races focus more on magic rather than technology, and visa versa, it is only when both elements are put together that the races of Tyria can overcome their challenges. In the 250 years that have passed since the original Guild Wars, we’ve seen an evolution of magic into new and different forms, but also a technological revolution, mostly ignited by the charr.

In this issue, we take a look at the changes to magic and technology in Guild Wars 2, and take a closer look at the two races that embrace them most. We’re also giving you a handy introduction of the Elder Dragons, a follow-up on our previous comprehensive recap of the Living World for Season 2 up until now, and two new pieces of fan fiction for you to read. Finally, as a final token of gratitude, we’re hosting a contest in name of Ollannach, our founder, who is retiring from the project to focus on other things in life. Prizes you can win include gemstones (2000), Mini Llama codes, GW2 T-shirts, and a Rytlock notebook or mousepad!

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In This Issue

  • Editor’s Letter
    A goodbye message by GuildMag’s founder and administrator, Ollannach.
  • An Introduction to the Elder Dragons
    What intention do the Elder Dragon have? Can we view them as ‘friends’ or ‘foes’?
  • A Study in Magical Developments since the Searing
    Magic has not always taken on the form as we know it to be nowadays.
  • A Dissertation on Asuran Genius
    Who are the asura, and why do they think of themselves as the most advanced race in Tyria?
  • Secrets of the Fire, Part II
    A continuation of the story about Lady Lydia Toran.
  • Tyria in Brambles: Season 2 of the Living Story
    A follow-up on our previous comprehensive Living Story recap, this time covering the second season.
  • The Technological Revolution of Tyria
    A look at the different technologies of Tyria.
  • How to Win a War
    A look at the charr culture through the eyes of the charr themselves.
  • A Different Kind of Nightmare
    Toiraesa’s last moments in The Dream before waking to a post-Scarlet Tyria.
  • Community Contest
    Write an article about anything Guild Wars 2 related that you like for GuildMag and win great prizes like a Mini Llama or even gemstone cards (2000 gems each)!

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out:

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