GuildMag Issue 13: Wintersday 2014

As the days become shorter, and the nights become colder, Tyria’s inhabitants are reminded that Wintersday draws near. It’s time once again to dust off those red bobble hats, shake those baubles and down that eggnog, for Toymaker Tixx is coming to town!

We’ve packed tonnes of goodies into this year’s Wintersday issue. The amazing Vasburg has created a custom piece of artwork for our front cover, with a great interview to match. We’ve also got a beautiful Wintersday screenshot gallery, a look at the history of Wintersday and some festive fiction. On top of that, we have our usual Living Story recap, the continuation of our exploration on magic and much, much more!

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In This Issue

  • The History of Wintersday
    A look at the origins of Wintersday, and its evolution to the holiday we know today.
  • Scenes from Wintersday
    These festive shots are sure to get you in the Wintersday mood!
  • Featured Artist: Vasburg
    Vasburg’s been busy creating the awesome artwork you see on this issue’s front cover. Kaysee sits down to talk to him about his process.
  • Tyria in Brambles Part II: Season 2 of the Living Story
    We continue our Living Story recap, from episodes 5 to 7.
  • Aggressive Flora of the Maguuma Region
    We explore the various plant life found in Maguuma, and uncover potential new Mordrem.
  • Recounting Reverie: Activity Retrospective
    Missed Wintersday ’12 or ’13? This recap takes you through the various activities that have been on offer over the years.
  • Ode to a Small Guild
    A winner from our recent Community Contest, this article explores the magic of a small guild of close friends.
  • Magical Developments Since the Searing: Chapter 2
    Draxynnic continues to delve into the various forms of magic in Tyria in this second part of his lore series.
  • A Present for the Queen
    Wintersay isn’t all fun and games; a mad asura has a dark present planned for the people of Divinity’s Reach this Wintersday, in this dark fiction by Darryshan.

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