GuildMag Issue 14: Return to Cantha

Happy Canthan New Year!  To join in the festivities, we celebrate with a magazine dedicated to Cantha and Guild Wars: Factions! There’s still much to learn about this faraway land, even though we may not be heading back there in an expansion any time soon; plus, who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

We’ve packed tonnes of goodies into this issue including artwork by Vasburg on our covers, a lore primer on Cantha, a very cool community art feature, and Canthan fiction. We also have our Living Story recap, an exploration of the tengu and much more!

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In This Issue

  • A Brief History of Cantha
    A visual timeline of Canthan history, taking us up to the present day.
  • Cantha: A Cultural and Geographical Primer
    A lore primer exploring the history, geography, and peoples of this land.
  • A Tale of Two Expansions
    The first expansion to Guild Wars 2 reminds us of what we might learn from the first Guild Wars expansion: Factions.
  • Fighting Dragons with Dragons
    Making the case for a Priory expedition to Cantha
  • Living Story Recap: Point of No Return
    We continue our Living Story recap, this time focusing on the final episode.
  • A Shattered Pact
    Mordremoth has attacked the Pact.  What will become of its members now?
  • Community Art Spotlight: The Legacy of Cantha
    Talented fanartists and cosplayers share their work!
  • The Awakening
    A modern-day Canthan fiction.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tengu
    A winner from our recent Community Contest, this article explores the history of the tengu.

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out:

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