GuildMag Issue 15: Into the Heart of Maguuma

Are you ready to journey into the Heart of Maguuma?  If the wait for closed beta access, or a release date announcement for Heart of Thorns, is killing you, then step into issue 15 with us and explore some of what awaits deep in the Maguuma Jungle!

The pages of this issue hold a lore primer on Maguuma and another on the druids, a stunning visual history of everybody’s favorite charr revenant, and Heart of Thorns fiction. We also have a recap of Season 2 of the Living Story, and articles exploring what Heart of Thorns will add to the Guild Wars franchise!

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In This Issue

  • A Recap of Living World Season 2
    Relive and review season 2 and how it changed Tyria.
  • Preparing for Maguuma: What to Expect
    A lore primer exploring the geography, creatures, and cultures of this land.
  • From Runtlock to Revenant
    A visual art piece of Rytlock Brimstone’s journey from warrior to revenant.
  • What Does ‘Challenging Content’ Mean for Guild Wars 2?
    Sift through existing content and how Heart of Thorns may change the stakes.
  • Druids: Fact or Fiction?
    Explore the lore behind these mysterious figures and their connection to nature.
  • Does Guild Wars 2 Really Need Heart of Thorns?
    The Guild Wars franchise is getting another expansion, but does it need it?
  • A Shattered Pact: Part Two
    Mordremoth has attacked the Pact.  What will become of its members now?
  • Night of Terror: Part One
    In the aftermath of the Pact fleet’s destruction,one sylvari passenger carries a dangerous secret.

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