GuildMag Issue 16: The Annual 2015

It’s finally here! Marking the first time we’ve ever allowed readers to buy a copy of a magazine, the GuildMag Annual 2015 is now available digitally for everyone who didn’t get their hands on their own copy. We’ve packed this issue with the best bits of GuildMag in 2015, designed as a celebration of Heart of Thorns and everything that happened in Guild Wars 2 over the past year. Some older articles make a return in this issue – taken from previous issues and our website – along with many more new ones that span lore, art, fiction, and much more! We’ve also got a contest to win 800 gems; all the details can be found inside this issue. Enjoy!

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  • Heart of Thorns Story Summary
    Relive the fight against Mordremoth and prepare for Living World Season 3.
  • From Dry Top to Dragon’s Stand
    How have map rewards evolved since Dry Top was introduced? Anthonz explores the evolution of map-wide meta events.
  • Thrifty Threads
    Taken from our website, the GuildMag team presents styles to suit all budgets. From revenants to gladium warlocks, there’s something for everyone.
  • Razah and the Revenant
    Draxynnic and Aaron Heath explore the revenant’s connection to Razah in this two-part lore series.
  • Off the Beaten Path in Tangled Depths
    Struggling to navigate this 4-tier map? Starconspirator explores everything this map has to offer, revealing hidden places and how to get there.
  • Community Art
    As always, we present the best art from the Guild Wars 2 community. This issue features some awesome cosplay, a dark piece on the reaper and more.
  • A Purpose Found
    What did Rytlock see in the Mists? How did he become a revenant? As Rytlock discovered his purpose in the Mists, so too did another before him…
  • Screenshot Contest: Win 800 Gems!
    Get your hands on 800 gems in our screenshot contest. Full details inside this issue!
  • All this & more!
    The above is just a small selection of the articles in this special edition magazine. Download it today to view them all!

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out:

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