GuildMag Issue 19: Flames of the Mantle

We’ve had a wild ride in Tyria lately what with the fall of the White Mantle and a human god masquerading as a mursaat!  With the news that Lazarus the Dire was actually Balthazar, God of War and Fire, in disguise, we thought it fitting to focus on the flames surrounding the White Mantle in this latest edition of GuildMag.

Issue 19 is packed with lots of lore from Caudecus to Saul D’Alessio; Balthazar and the Six Gods; PLUS fantastic art from around the GW2 community; an interview with that_shaman; a thrilling story by Kit the Traveler; a guild spotlight on Relics of Orr; fashion ideas; Living World Season 3 recap; and much more!

As always, our digital magazines are absolutely free, so sit back and enjoy Issue 19: Flames of the Mantle!

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In This Issue

  • The Alpha & the Omega
    Showdown of the White Mantle leaders! We compare Saul and Caudecus’ influences.
  • The War in Kryta
    Need a refresher on the Mantle’s previous demise? We’ve got you covered.
  • An Interview with that_shaman
    We sat down with prolific data miner that_shaman to find out more about him and his process.
  • Thrifty Threads
    Grab yourself a new outfit for the summer, inspired by the White Mantle and volcanoes.
  • Community Art
    Hand-picked art inspired by recent events.
  • Guild Spotlight
    Looking for a guild? Relics of Orr could be for you …
  • The Cost of Saving Tyria
    Recap episodes four and five of Season 3 of the Living World in this handy article by Miko.
  • All this & more!
    Many more articles are lurking in these digital pages, so grab a cool drink and get stuck in!

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