GuildMag Issue 20: Season’s End

Path of Fire is now just hours away from launching! I hope you’re as excited as we are to finally get your hands on Guild Wars 2‘s latest expansion – and if you haven’t yet bought your copy, you can do so using our affiliate link to help keep us running.

For our latest magazine issue, we’ve taken a trip down Season 3 memory lane to bring you the definitive collection of content surrounding the latest Living World story arc. In our twentieth magazine, Season’s End, we explore all the juicy lore you may have missed over the last 14 months, including articles on the druids and a recap on the entire season. We’ve also interviewed Jebro and Gladomer to discover their thoughts on the Competitive Feature Pack that launched in June, as well as squeezed in our usual community artwork and fiction series.

We hope you enjoy our latest magazine and the rapidly-approaching expansion!

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In This Issue

  • Season 3 Lore: The Important Parts
    With so many plot threads this season, it’s easy to have missed some important lore – but don’t worry, Drax has your back!
  • Chasing Dragons
    Miko compares the storytelling of Season 3 with its predecessor. Has it improved? Find out inside.
  • Competitive Feature Pack Interview
    Xeroe explores the effects of June’s PvP and WvW updates with streamers Jebro and Gladomer.
  • Who are the Druids?
    Inhabiting Draconis Mons, what do we actually know about these ancient spirits?
  • Community Art
    Hand-picked art inspired by Season 3.
  • Guild Spotlight
    Minions of Grenth is a casual PvX guild open to all players.
  • Shadows & Flames
    Recap the entirety of Season 3 to prepare yourself for the upcoming war in the Desert…
  • All this & more!
    Many more articles are lurking in these digital pages, so get stuck in!

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