GuildMag Issue 22: Infiltrating the Inquest

Welcome to Issue 22 of the GuildMag digital Guild Wars 2 magazine! In this latest publication we’re exploring everything to do with the Inquest – the most morally-questionable asuran megakrewe this side of Rata Sum. Don’t forget we’ve also got pre-orders for our GuildMag Annual magazine also open right now, with proceeds benefiting the charity World Child Cancer. Don’t delay in pre-ordering your copy as the window closes December 4 and won’t open again!

Looking back to the current issue, inside you’ll find a plethora of articles on the Inquest, including lore by Draxynnic and Amala. We’ve also got some great editorials exploring the nature of Guild Wars 2’s storytelling and the latest updates to underwater combat respectively, not to mention our usual artwork and fiction. There’s definitely something for everyone in this issue, so have fun exploring its digital pages!

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In This Issue

  • The Inquest Threat
    Draxynnic presents a lore primer on the Inquest. Discover what motivates this asuran megakrewe…
  • Inquest Labs
    Discover the various Inquest bases of operation that are scattered around Tyria in this visual screenshot gallery.
  • Downloading the Tyrian Consciousness
    One of our newest writers, Phoenix, explores the role of choices in the storytelling of Guild Wars 2.
  • College of Aesthetics
    If you’re after a new look for your asuran heavy-armor characters, we’ve got just the thing for you…
  • Community Art
    In this issue we’ve rounded up some beautiful asuran-inspired artwork. Thanks to the artists whose work we’ve featured!
  • Guild Spotlight
    Black Lion Expeditions is a PvX guild focused on putting its members first – and they’re looking for new joiners!
  • Resisting the Awakened Fetters
    It wouldn’t be a GuildMag issue without some fiction; ever wondered what it would feel like to be Awakened?
  • All this & more!
    This is just a few of the articles included in this issue, so get stuck in!

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